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Enter your income below and quickly see how much rent you can afford:

How much?

Gross Annual Salary

is the apartment rent range you should stay within.

Want to live

above your income?

Here are a few strategies for getting that nicer apartment or area of town:

  • Get a Roommate!

    If you are willing to share some of the common spaces, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments are often much more affordable per renter than 1 bedroom apartments. They also share in the utilities and other bills, in the responsibilities of maintaining the apartment, and give you the security of not living alone. Finding the right roommate who shares your lifestyle, cleanliness level and ideas about courtesy, is key to making it work. We’ve written many articles about finding the right roommate. Check out some of our roommate tips.

  • Size. Luxury. Location. Give up 1!

    You may have heard of the triangle effect when it comes to speed, price and quality; but did you know the same applies for rentals in relation to your budget. One way to find a more budget-friendly apartment that fits you is to know your priorities. Want size and luxury? You will probably have to give up a central location. Want luxury and location, look for something smaller - like the new micro-apartments. Want it all? Well that’s going to cost you!

  • STR

    This stands for ‘Short Term Rental’ and depending on your location and your landlord, it may be an option for you. With companies like HomeAway and AirBNB, some renters have the option of renting their apartment out for events like SXSW, ACL, and Formula 11. There are costs involved, and you will need to check with your landlord or property management company to see what the rules are in your apartment complex.

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